Amazing Delicious

These beautiful photos of our food are courtesy of our wonderful customers. We, at Samurai Restaurant Buffalo, take great care in both the flavor and presentation of our food, to create a tasty, aesthetically pleasing experience for all patrons. We believe that food, whether it is our sizzling hot hibachi, our freshly made sushi, or our authentic bento boxes, is a form of art, and should look as good as it tastes.

“Samurai Serves Beautiful and Tasty Asian Food!”
“…The restaurant is exceptionally attractive, even though it’s small and sort of shoehorned into the Tops plaza.

But step inside for a pleasant surprise. Furnished in varying gleaming woods, an elegant artifact tucked in here or there, there’s a sophisticated feel. Service is knowledgeable, and the elegant golden printed menu is vast. It’s mostly Japanese, though Thai and Vietnamese pop up, too, and you will note a certain amount of innovation and fusion.

But there is restraint. Nobody in the kitchen goes crazy heaping on flavors, and the integrity of the food shines through. Sushi and sashimi presentations – try the subtle white tuna on the latter – were beautifully presented…”

-JANICE OKUN, News Restaurant Reviewer